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In this video, I show you how to build a CPA marketing campaign in Facebook ads with the MaxBounty CPA network. I’m showing you the EXACT offer & funnel I used to make my first $10k with CPA marketing using paid traffic.

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45 Responses to “2019 CPA Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads FULL Campaign Setup – Step By Step (Maxbounty)”

  1. Youngstar Truth & Light

    I've been a struggling affiliate marketer for almost 6 years. I can build websites and funnels. I can also start building an email list. I never made any real money or had a course. But now I found a secret website to get all these courses in the making money online niche from all the 6 and seven figure earners for pennies on the dollar or free. Normally these cost thousands. But I need to start making money now. Good video by the way. That's why I will give you one or all these programs. Or maybe just pay you 100.00 for a four hour over the phone setup to make money like you on Max Bounty. I was rejected before. But if I call an affiliate manager the same day will they accept me. Your course covers this but I need the next best thing to over the shoulder training. A four hour over the phone. Especially when it comes to Facebook ads and research. If you want all 12 of these thousand dollar courses and 100.00 that is cool too. I also understand that the 1st pay check is monthly. I need you to cover things you might have missed in your training course and videos. It should be easy because I know basic website and funnel building. I might just go back to ClickFunnels. Do you have the time for the four hour conversation to help me. You can be my mentor for one day. Plus get thousand dollar courses for free. I can email you the download link. Plus if you want 100.00 sent to your PayPal. Follow me on Instagram so we can talk. I will follow you back. I call myself an expert and flashed money on my profile from a different hustle. But I'm trying to build an empire in 3 years that's gospel related. But I need to start making consistent money. Can we at least talk on Instagram. I will follow you back. Youngstar Harris on Instagram.

  2. Richard LaPage

    I'm looking for a mentor and I have gone through a lot of people and by far I have been enriched the most by you. I am hoping for your help as a mentor. Ty for your time and helpful insight

  3. T. Lamar

    Thank you!!!!! This was right on time. I liked, Subbed and left a comment. Hopefully, I didn't miss the giveaway.

    Do you always create a fan page?

  4. Ajaya Joseph

    Dude how do you get to multiple FB ad accounts? I have various client accounts but for personal use? I’m curious. I got burned promoting affiliate offers on FB. Was making $50 daily getting ready to scale once the first payment cleared until FB blocked my account 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Johnathan Holmes

    Bro bro you sound like you with the business and I’m not talking Internet sales make me number one of those three that you’re going to choose, you grow my knowledge and I’ll grow your pockets💯🐃

  6. Lloyd St.Clair

    Thank you for providing a no fluff and complete map of
    a cpa campaign using facebook marketing.
    Many presenters bait and switch, leaving out essential
    components in an effort to guide you to their training or other
    offer. Here you provide enough content for a person experiencing
    cpa marketing for the first time, can actually model and experiment
    with confidence. This is the first I've seen your channel. I enjoyed the
    content. You provided value and yes I have subscribed and I believe you will
    build and awesome following by sticking to this business model.
    Thank you again for this concise content

  7. Milar Sejemba

    Am from Africa and people hardly know cpa or affiliate marketing exists, your course would really open many peoples eyes, I want a chance to be selected and spread the word!

    Qn: Can one create in WordPress funnels/landing/bridge/optin/squeeze/capture pages, I see as if your picking link offers there?

  8. Adesanmi Adekuoroye

    @Seven Figures Marketing I just subscribe to your channel cos you're the first YouTuber to give the best concerning this topic. I've wasted over 6months search for videos to explain this step but all I got was BS.

    My second hurdle is How to get approval on MaxBounty and Peerfly. I once registered on MaxBounty and I got rejected.

  9. Luis Quintana

    This is the best kickass video I ran across in youtube. I actually understand now the concept of marketing cpa offers in facebook ad platform. I just bought your course like two days ago Great Course.