How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert!


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25 Responses to “Secrets Of Shopify Course Part 17 – How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert”

  1. mdsvtr

    Matt , stellar video , thank you so much for sharing it . Wanted to ask you to quick things please ……………. 1. you mentioned that Ads need 15 – 25 ( Conversions ) 1 week before they start to optimize …… What does this mean please ? 2. If an Ad does Not convert after you have spent $10 – $20 , then it's best to KILL the Ad ……….. How to we look for / know if an Ad converted or not ? Thanks so much again for all of your time and your work in making and sharing these videos with all of us , it's very much Appreciated

  2. Andrew Makasini

    Great work. Thanks to your generosity the holes in my shopify cup have been filled. My shopify store is going live here in a few days. Question for you Matt: How many shopify stores do you own currently and how much revenue are you managing these days? Thanks in advance

  3. Jade Colgan

    Matt, you are an utter legend. You are so focused on bringing great value to people who follow you and for unselfish reasons. Honestly, I couldn't love you more! Thanks for this course. It was epic!

  4. TheCraftinator

    Thank you so much for your content. I have viewed a lot of videos about this topic and it's so refreshing to see someone who doesn't try to sell their stuff every 5 seconds and who doesn't need to hype me by shouting through the whole video.

  5. difa store

    hi Matt, plssssssssssssssssss make a video to explain how to annalyse ppe , how to take action and scale, i have followed your ppe method and had a really good engagement (i think) but have no idea how to take action. thanks

  6. TripsCulture

    Hello, thanks for the video's, which strategie is the good one to test a poduct ? PPE? if yes for how many days ? or can we go directly for a WC/ATC and test several products ?

  7. Maxy75

    Awesome video and content , appreciate so much, learned a grear deal, the day i get na first sale will let u know first. keep up the great work 😊

  8. Rallao

    Hey Matt, thanks for the content. When you say that if the Ad doesn't convert in the first $10 spent, you mean for WC ads or also expect getting sales from PPE?

  9. Stratos Arampatzis

    very good and informational video you have here! You said kill the AD if it doesnt convert in the first 10dollar. Thats basically 2 days of testing (5/day). I heard and read everywhere that you should run ads at least 3/4 days in order to be optimized.

  10. Maqi Mack

    Great video Matt. Love how you make it clear that you will get failing ads. Unlike most people who make videos like this who don't mention it at all.

  11. Profitsfromhome

    Hi Matt, this is a great shopify series. I`ve just started on the first video and currently going through the whole series-looking at creating a shopify store. A question I do have for you Matt is I`m subscribed to another youtube channel called wholesale Ted. Now they mentioned a website that's making loads-( Can you please check out the site- is it a shopify store?I can see that they are dropshipping from AliExpress-but how the hell do they get away with it!! trademarks/copyright etc?

  12. Chris Donnelly

    A tonne of content crammed into ~30 minutes again Matt! I really appreciate the amount of time and thought you've put into this one, it's very evident. (Funnily enough, I've been reading some Cialdini lately, 'Influence: Science and Practice')

    Looking forward to the the 'over the shoulder' course you're working on. Brilliant video as always. Keep it up mate! 👍

  13. Shaun Handley

    Hiya Matt, Loved the video, and a huge big thanks for all your hard work you put in mate. Going to have a look into this Dr Robert Cialdini and his '6 Principles of Persuasion', It'll be great for the business and I also love stuff like that. Also, if you don't mind, what software did you use for your presentation on the video? Cheers mate, laters