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Hey guys! This is just a quick video for some updates on my course. I’ve been really busy dealing with my businesses and I haven’t had time to update my channel and blog. I am back! I apologize if I was talking too fast, I didn’t have a script and I had a lot to say in a small amount of time.

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What will be on my course your asking? Here are a few things that I will cover in my course :

1. Overview process and mindset
2. Product / niche research
3. Facebook ads
4. Setting up a Shopify store.


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25 Responses to “Facebook Ads WC (Website Conversion) + Shopify Course Update”

  1. LebJamal23

    How do I change my current adset from Content View to Add to Cart objective without losing all the data my content view adset has been collecting for optimization in finding the best target audience for me? If I duplicate the ad set and change the objective to add to cart, will it start from 0 again? Or would it resume were the Content view adset left off in terms of all the data it has been collecting on optimizing my audiences? Also, if I dupe it, do I turn off the orignal adset so they do not compete against eachother?

  2. GHCMargarita

    I have a question please respond!
    do you think women's bags Is a profitable niche??? I'm thinking about opening up a women's bag store but I heard that women are very brand focused. not sure I'd I should do It

  3. Rowel Tancio

    Honestly man not a lot of people out there would put out free contents like you do, specially drop shipping. I know at some stage you will get big and might have to do paid course but for now you are fulfilling yourself with good karma.
    Keen to get my first sale.

    The Weeknd tune love it! haha

  4. Logan John

    Hey man, Ive been running some Facebook ads at 5$ a day for the past 4ish days and the results seem pretty decent, Do you recommenced just upping the budget to maybe 10$ a day or run a different campaign. Thanks, Love the vids thanks for all the great info!

  5. Chumzy99

    Hey Kevin, lets say I get 100 VC and I want to optimize for add to cart. Should I change the existing campaign to ATC or create a new one? Thanks