In this video I’ll be teaching you how to make the most EFFECTIVE Facebook Advertisements for your business or social media marketing clients.

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This can help you get leads for your business, build awareness, or drive traffic to your website, online Shopify eCommerce store and more.

Why are Facebook Ads so effective? Facebook and social media advertising is where your audience is already looking. Not to mention Facebook ads have exceptional targeting capabilities which allows you to generate leads and sales for a lower cost than any other advertising platform.
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38 Responses to “How to Create Facebook Ads That WORK in 2019”

  1. paul pontillo

    I could really use your help! You are awesome and I will definitely recommend your channel to everyone! I have been bouncing back from message ads to lead capture ads.. (wedding Photographer here) I booked 1 client so far from the message ads but i feel like every message that comes in is cold. same thing with the lead capture I get the leads last ad i ran was 16 leads I then emailed every lead personally not sounding like a robot or automated message.. and I got zero responses.. so my question is how can i turn all these cold leads into warm to hot ones.. I haven't used the conversion ads liked you talked about.. cant seem to find out how to do that.. Should I run the ad as a lead capture then on the thank you page send them to a content page on my website to give them an offer like lets say in the lead capture it talks about a free wedding day guide if they provide us with their email.. then on the thank you page it says click here to get it.. and then it brings them to another page to somehow warm them up… give them value give them the free gift and get them to book a consultation or something.. HELP how can i implement this the right way.. I feel like the ad copy is strong, and im failing on the funnel system..

  2. Devin Beverage

    The best copywriting tip I give:


    The perfect copywriting formula:

    A – attention
    I – interest
    D – desire
    A – action

    *** Explanation

    A – Hook the reader's attention with something pattern-interrupting

    I – Touch on the reader's personal interest in your thing

    D – Create desire in the reader by presenting benefits and painting a picture for them (not features)

    A – Tell the reader what action you'd like them to take and when.

    *** Example

    A – Need more leads??

    I – Facebook ads are THE lead gen machine you need to reach your income goals

    D – At as low as $1 per lead, you'll stop stressing over money to jump for joy

    A – Tap the 'Schedule' button to schedule your free strategy session now

    If you have any questions, feel free to text me. Just google me (devin beverage). My phone number is literally listed on the first result, even though that first result is outdated.

  3. Shirley , my

    Wow, thank you so much I am new to the whole set up of business and have search taken courses and this has proven valuable beyond. It' s clear and easy to understand I will implement immediately and feedback to you with the results. Many thanks

  4. StevenWayneJones

    Hey Dude!! Great video. You are a smart guy for sure. I took everything you said and took lots of notes. I am going to test my first ad today. I was going to write a blog about "Top 7 Pro Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer". I'm gonna do some research, Write my blog, Setup my Ad, and Hopefully get some results. I would ABSOLUTELY Love if there was a way for you to see my ad before going live and get your pro advice (10 minutes) max. I would be so grateful if that is even possible. Keep up the great work!!

  5. Sumant Gupta

    Hi Billy. Great content & lot of value in the video.
    I am working with a client, who manufactures & sells in Indian Rupee & within India. Now the client wants to reach the global market & at the same time does not wish to loose the Indian customers.
    The website has the cost mentioned in Indian Rupee. Now the dilemma is whether to change the prices of the product in the website to US $ / Euro OR to retain the Indian Rupee.
    Kindly give your input

  6. Hunters takeaway uk

    Yet we are trying to advertise our services to takeaway and restaurant owners in the United Kingdom, but the issue we are facing is how can we target them? Does Facebook have keywords for restaurant or takeaway related words?

  7. Jimmy Roo

    If people don't want to write a message those same people won't want to give their info. "Want a free week gym membership? . . . Just walk in." If they were ever going to show genuine interest they will walk in, it's a solid lead and the message conveys "simplicity, ease, no pressure."

    Edit: most follow up leads are statistically losing leads, walk in leads are statistically successful leads. In terms of brick and mortar businesses.

  8. BankzSquad

    What would you recommend for a small photo art business with an Etsy shop? And not their own shop on their website? Great work! Love the value you give here.

  9. Grover Ktipton

    I am in the manufacturing housing business and I have started my own Facebook page. I create ads and get little to no results.. Can you get me some pointers please. Kevin's Prefabulous Homes