Before you waste your money and buy an overpriced Pinterest marketing course, like Pinfinite Growth, you must watch this Pinterest marketing video!

Learn the power of pinning, why it is important to your online business and our exact three-phase Pinterest marketing strategy that is generating over 50,000 visits per month.

Our results are not isolated, either… In December, I taught this exact Pinterest strategy to our mastermind partners in New Zealand and within three months they were able to start generating 6000 unique visits per month and hundreds of new subscribers per month.

This Pinterest marketing system requires little to no money in order to drive massive amounts of organic traffic from Pinterest.

In this video, we break down the Pinterest strategy into three specific phases. You will also learn about the Pinterest tools required and the only Pinterest scheduler that allows you to leverage all three phases of this social media marketing strategy.

The first phase is laying your foundation which includes setting up your Pinterest account, creating your first boards, understanding why Pinterest is important for your online business, and getting your Pinterest account verified so you can be a business account on Pinterest and take advantage of the Pinterest SEO benefits through their rich pins.

With over 150 million monthly active users, 81% of whom are women, mostly affluent and high online purchasers… Pinterest is a fantastic marketplace to leverage for audience growth and search engine optimization.

Phase 2 begins Pinterest automation. This is where we get into the tools and marketing strategy that allows you to batch all of your social media marketing efforts for this platform into a couple of hours per week.

Here is the tool we use for Pinterest marketing automation:

No one wants to be tied to a social network every day having to log-in multiple times per day to continue to manage their account. Not only is that a waste of time and energy, but it’s also incredibly inefficient.

You will learn exactly the tools we use and how we use them to maximize the leverage for every minute spent Pinterest marketing.

Phase 3 goes beyond automation into leveraging the audiences others have created on Pinterest.

This is really the largest growth potential for your Pinterest marketing, but it requires you to have a solid foundation and automation system in place, first.

You learn exactly how we find and leverage Pinterest group boards that have engaged audiences focused on your niche, to your advantage.

From the free pin groupie tool… Google ‘Pin Groupie’

To the outreach strategy to the group board administrators and how to make sure that you’re becoming a positive contributor to the Pinterest group board instead of simply “spamming” them.

If you get this wrong, you will be booted from these group boards in an instant and you will not be able to get back in… So this third section is so vitally important to your success on Pinterest.

When you get this Pinterest marketing strategy working for you, it is so simple that you can literally handed over to a virtual assistant to run for you on a few hours per week. This is exactly what we have done at this point.

An important reminder is that you want to you take enough time to fully understand the Pinterest app and Pinterest platform, before jumping in with both feet. Start by installing the app on your phone setting up your first account and begin to use the search feature so you can understand how your target customers are using Pinterest currently.

Your goal is to blend in with what already works on Pinterest. If you come off as a marketer who is trying to leverage Pinterest for your business, you will not get the kinds of results that you can see if you come off as another Pinterest user that other Pinterest users can trust.

As Facebook continues to crush organic reach, twitter accelerates into its death spiral, and Instagram making it incredibly difficult for you to link users to your website… Pinterest is one of the final frontiers in this day and age for organic social media marketing.

Pinterest is unique because it’s not all about getting Pinterest followers… Like it is on Facebook and Instagram.

You are able to get more reach with your content then you have followers which means it is a perfect platform for distributing content in a method that allows you to grow your audience fast.

This is why we don’t go into the follow/unfollow marketing approach that is so common on many other social networks.

Marketing with Pinterest has allowed us to recover most of our organic social media traffic we lost with Facebook’s recent algorithm changes.

Now you have literally been handed the keys to the castle for a complete Pinterest marketing strategy you can implement to drive organic users to your website, funnels, affiliate links by simply putting in the work!

Enjoy and may you have pinfinite success!


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26 Responses to “Free Pinterest Marketing Course For Your Online Business Without Paid Pinterest Ads.”

  1. alexander rahirant

    Interesting info but without screen captures and real videos about these processes is like a 50% info given and 50% info missing, besides, 56 minutes watching you guys is a bit boring. how about re-editing this video?

  2. Keith Carey

    Thank you again for the free tutorial. You guys are awesome! I don't know anyone else that give away as much relevant and user ready content as you do. I'm a fan!

  3. me

    Not everyone learns by hearing , some learn by showing. You need to cater to those needs as well. By the way i have 300k pinterest followers, so i know how to run my account, (but looking to do this as a side hustle)but i was still confused what you were talking about.

  4. Matthew Clarke

    Melanie you did a great job and I commend you for you bravery, I totally understand that Pinterest is your area of expertise. But without trying to offend and I'm afraid I am about to do so. But I would of liked to hear a bit more from Miles as I am used to his tempo and the way he explains everything and breaks it all down for us newbie's .There really isn't anyone better! But you can tell you are still finding your voice in front of the camera and a massive, massive well done for the effort. You BOTH bring a huge deal of value to all of us watching.

  5. Michael B

    You guys’d are awesome, cute couple too! What’s the best way to send some questions over? Showing a few examples of this process would be amazing!

  6. Keep It Simple

    I love this Miles! You two are so cute together. Thank you for this course. It cleared so many questions I had about the Pinterest strategy. Now I will start pinning. Melanie is so calm and you're so high energy, lol! It's a great balance though. I will have to try Tailwind since Board Booster is gone.

  7. Jennifer Verdin

    Melanie, now that board booster shut down what are you using to automate? Tailwind? Have your strategies changed over the last year with all the algorithm changes or are you still pinning the same way? Also, Thank you to you both. I've learned so much from your channel Miles and it's nice that you and Melanie can kick ass and take names together. A power couple for sure. Looking forward to more collab videos with Melanie!

  8. Selma Copijn

    Just watched it for the second time! Absolutely love how much value you give here. Will come back to it to follow all the steps as well as possible. Thanks so much!

    P.S. I saw Boardbooster has closed. Do you think Tailwind is the best alternative now?