Reggie Casual breaks down part 3 of starting your streetwear brand by giving the skinny on branding and marketing,.

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34 Responses to “How to Promote & Market Your Streetwear Brand (Pt 3)”

  1. G-Nel Simon

    Hey Reggie. Really inspired by your videos and they've helped us alot with planning our clothing business. I have a marketing question. So we plan to hand out free merch to local influencers in our city to promote the brand. We have this one guy who has his own local TV show who has alot of followers on social and can really be a good influence. But the things is we've been hearing alot of negative stuff from his past business engagements with people he has worked with. And it's not just one or two people who have said this. So is it the right move to have him still promote our brand since he has the following or should we just forget him for his bad rep?

  2. Mr. Sky

    To draw the actual designs themselves, is it better to use Photoshop or Illustrator? I am an artist and I've been using Photoshop for over 10 years and pretty much know my way around it but got confused when you mentioned you need Illustrator to draw stuff.

  3. Jj Kiko

    Thank you for all the info you put out to the world everyone should appreciate for you taking you're valuable time to teach people that takes them all there life to learn……take this genius advice it's free… all you're advice bro and God bless .

  4. woresh GamePlus

    So can i actually wear my designed stuff for my own? so when ppl ask me where i got that from i say 'its my own label and it stands/ is for….' do you think that work as well?

  5. Birk Stolt

    I love this video! I just hate the fact I chose a non-advertiser friendly brand name – I'm really in love with the nichรฉ, just not the part with marc zucc continuously letting me down ๐Ÿ˜‚