After Facebook, the best social platform for your church, is likely Instagram. Instagram continues to grow at a fast pace, and perhaps more importantly, Instagram continues to develop and release new features that users enjoy. I want to share with you five advanced tactics for taking your church’s Instagram account to the next level.

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Tactic #1
Searchable handle

Tactic #2
Analytics []

Tactic #3

Tactic #4
Run a contest []

Tactic #5
Scheduling and publishing []

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15 Responses to “Church Social Media Strategy – 5 Advanced Instagram Tactics For Churches”

  1. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello, Brady. I'm a media coach for Pastors and ministries and believe I can provide some value to you and your audience. I would like to collaborate with you on some videos or a webinar if you're open to it. Let me know.

  2. archdude79

    Thanks for the video and all your work Brady! I was wondering about posting short sermon videos on instagram. I'm trying to figure it out for our church. Is there a desktop app you recommend? Or a better way?