PPE, WC, Pixels, Targeting… It all seems so complicated. Let me make it simple 🙂

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21 Responses to “Secrets Of Shopify Course Part 16 – Your 1st Facebook Ad (PPE)”

  1. Tony Aviles

    This video was the most informative and least confusing I've seen on fB ads, thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll comment below and inform my progress with my ads!

  2. Stephen Foy

    Hi Matt, just getting through your vids here and setting up my first shopify store. After I've installed the pixel base code do I need to get into the basic coding and install the event codes too or is this for further on?
    Cheers, Ste

  3. IT Administrator Thudufushi

    WOW great video. thank you for being so generous to share this valuable knowledge. i have a small question. can we do a fb ad for a ebay item that we are selling on our ebay platform ? say we wanna promote an item which is being sold on our ebay store. what would be the outcome. advantages or disadvantages ? is it worth ? so on… please kindly reply .
    thank you

  4. MsY1080

    can you have more than one pixel? let's say if you store has 3 sections like clothing, shoes, hats. can you put a pixel in each section page?

  5. Kevin B

    Matt, I'm surprised Ireland is not considered as part of the top 5 audience target despite more population than New Zealand. Is it because of tax reasons ?

  6. Shaun Handley

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Matt Hollie….Hiya mate, have you got some sort of time machine, lol? As you seem to get so much done all the time. Once again, top, top, top video. Nice one mate.