Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to advertise in 2018 and many people don’t know how and others are doing it all wrong. In this video I’m going to show you the influencer marketing blueprint to master your Instagram advertising skills and acquire the skills to find the perfect influencer, the skills to negotiate the perfect deal and much more.

At the end of the video I even show a method to get Instagram influencers for free! Yes I said it, free shoutouts!

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  1. Alec Wilcock

    If you want to get in touch with me, send a DM to @alecwilcock because I'm no longer using @aleclifestyle (my account got hacked). I'm seeing this as an opportunity to change the name 'Alec Lifestyle' that I've never really liked.

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  2. Jakob Bourne

    If you yourself are struggling recently due to the influx of fake influencers in 2019, you may want to use identification platforms such as influencer auditor to help you with this

  3. Valerie Low

    How about having the influencers to also take lifestyle photo of the product? How would you approach them in that case? And pricing? What's the common practice for that?

  4. Nandi Collector

    I think that the No 4 is debatable because there's no standard about shout out pricing, and these are some of the lowest pricing ever I have seen for the amount of followers.

  5. T F

    I have an Instagram account with 1.2 million followers, if you would like to do an ad please contact me at @Elysian360 – $75 per post for 24 hours. Thank you !

  6. Mitch Mahoney

    I listen to Gary Veynerchuk a lot and I love his influencer advice, but I really love how you break everything down step by step here. I'm taking notes and applying this ASAP. Thank you Alec.

  7. vampire VEVO

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