In today’s video I’m going to share with you how to get more views on your Instagram Stories. Everyone’s complaining about not getting enough reach on Instagram. But what if I told you that the secret is within Instagram’s Stories. And it’s not just creating Instagram Stories. There’s a specific formula that you need to follow if you want the most engagement and views from your Instagram Stories. Watch this video to learn how to get more views on your Instagram Stories.


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Start off with at least four, and spread ’em throughout the day, and by doing that, you’ll continually get views, versus if you just did one story update per day. The second tip I have for you is leverage videos. In your stories, a lotta people just put photos. People want engaging content. Whether it’s videos or Boomerangs, people love the engagement. So by creating videos, what you’ll find is, you’ll get way more engagement. As you get more engagement, your stories are gonna start spreading, and more people gonna be viewing them. When you’re also creating stories, you wanna tag relevant accounts. This is the third tip for you. It’s simple, if you mention Nike, tag Nike. If you mention a friend, tag that friend. By tagging other people, you’ll get more views. There’s not much more to it. Make sure the tags are relevant, and don’t just include Nike and just be like: Oh, yeah, yeah, this what happened in my day. Blah, blah, blah, Nike. And then you move on and you tag Nike. That’s not gonna work. Don’t cheat the system. Make amazing stories that are relevant, and when you mention brands or friends, tag them when it’s related enough. The fourth strategy I have for you is to use hashtags. I know everyone’s saying that they’re played out, but they do work. The more hashtags you use, the more traffic you’re gonna get. But the key isn’t to just use any random hashtags. You wanna use ones that people search for. If you’re not sure what words people are searching for, go to Ubersuggest, type in keyword related to your space, and it’ll tell you other popular phrases that people are using. This data is taking search data. That’s what Ubersuggest does. I know it’s not Instagram, but it’s search data. It’s very similar. It’s people searching on Instagram for hashtags. What typically works for Google works for Instagram when it comes to hashtags and words that are popular. The fifth strategy I have for you is to ask a question or create a poll. You can do this, everyone does this. You can even have those sliders within your Instagram Stories that makes people slide a smiley face and see where most people are at. By asking a question or doing a poll or making the sliders, what you’ll find is you’ll get more engagement, which will help you get more views in the long run. And the last strategy I have for you is to use location-based tags, and here’s why: Have you noticed every once in a while Instagram will really push a story from someone? And it’s typically random. But this randomness is typically caused by when people are using location-based tag in which they’re gonna share something from Hollywood, California or Los Angeles-based, California, versus something that doesn’t have a location-based tag. So add a location-based tag to your stories. It’ll help you potentially get shared more from Instagram and get your stories pushed out, so you’re gonna get more views. Now if you’re leveraging all of these strategies, good for you. But if you’re not leveraging ’em, just leave a comment with: I’m not. I’m just curious to see how many of you are leveraging all of them out there. I’m telling you, if you use ’em, you’re going to get more engagement, views, and you’re gonna do way better on Instagram.

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  1. Ujjawal Karma

    i watch your every video since 6 months.. yes i know you said follow 30 accounts per hour …..but..may i know how many hashtags should i use and how much accounts should i follow each day to grow my instagram……currently i am following 400 accounts per day … doing this am i spamming instagram or not? plzzz telll and love you so much neil

  2. Brice Degeyter

    In the video "Stop making these social media marketing mistakes" you say that we shouldn't post more than twice a day. Here you are saying quite the opposite. What is the right answer? Why these 2 different pieces of advice?

  3. RankWatch | SEO Software

    These are some great insights for every brand who wishes to engage more audience. Also, generating more views can lead to an increase in your brand's followers. But you would have to create content that the audience likes and appreciates because content and post design can compel the people to follow your brand.

  4. Angelo Boltini

    I'm not… Yet. What kind of content would you recommend for instagram stories? I find a lot of posts by others very annoying, especially when they just film simple day to day activities.

  5. nitin sharma

    i have just started blogging for my website if i mentioned a site name in his blog post then suppose that i got backlink from that website
    if in the second post i again mentioned the same website with reasonable reason then shoudl i mail that website again that i used your name again
    for example- you mentioned so many times buzzsumo's name in your blog posts
    i am little confused