If you’ve ever thought about growing your digital agency but just don’t know where to go? I can help…

Before I was selling a video course on SEO, and it did well

But what I realized people really need, is private time

So I made a cool structure out of it. I am offering a course for you to watch, and then we can hop on 2 consulting calls at an hour each


This way you, you can check out the content to be successful, THEN we can discuss how you’re going to implement the content to become a success

It all starts here: https://www.evergreenseo.co/order

And it will be at the low price it is at the moment 10 students join

I hope to see you on the inside, and as always please email me with any questions



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10 Responses to “ANNOUNCING: New 1-On-1 Agency Consulting + SEO Course & FB Ads Course (BONUS)”

  1. Ruan M. Marinho

    Looking forward to growing someone's business privately, please post your QUESTIONS below. Instead of offering just a video course, i'd like to hold your hand through the process of growing your agency 🔥

  2. Tiffany &aaron

    i would love to join this now, is it still available? im just getting started with my SEO and digital marketing agency and a mentorship program would be exactly what I need to converse about possible strategies. thank you for the wealth of information that you have given me here for free but id love to be able to mentor with you as well

  3. Paul Cole

    Is it a 2 hour call in total or monthly? I am currently looking at growing my own brick and mortar business and, to be honest, am enjoying learning all of the social media marketing and SEO so may possibly look at starting an agency in the future.

    $497 seems a decent price.

  4. Jesus Ortiz

    This is great brotha this would help my agency that i just started but i don't have the money to invest on it now but the cost itself is just wow but when i start getting clients of my own i know where to invest with you brotha…

    thanks for being awesome…

  5. Marsha Pope

    I knew it was only a matter of time you offered mentorship. I wish I could take advantage of it now but I need to get my mindset right and do some planning. Been following your content for sometime now. I like how down to earth and transparent you are. You are a great teacher. Keep doing your thing. Bless!

  6. Andrew M

    Wow, I know that would be a great course. Wish I had the cash right now, I would start immediately.

    Guess I will continue watching the free videos though