37 Responses to “Facebook Ads Training From $0 To $230k In 90 Days Using Free + Ship”

  1. RV Home

    This stuff really works. If you want to see REAL stores that are doing lots of sales you can browse shopify stores that are for sale in the shopify exchange. Some of the highest revenue stores are clearly sourcing from AliExpress & following the drop-shipping method. No hype, just simple proof. What Teo is teaching, if you listen & learn, will change your life. Most people won't take action. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out, but you do have to have some money for an ad budget & you have to do it & keep doing it to be successful. Rinse & Repeat. https://exchange.shopify.com/categories

  2. muhammad dhafin

    This is a really great awesome educational video.
    What a Great Job dude!

    I have tried once, running ad in FB. I wanted my ad shown to Indonesian tourists who are travelling to the US in this recent days, for example, but unfortunately, engagement (likes, comments, shares) that I've got are from Indonesian people who works for a couple years in The USA.

    I have chose the "People Traveling in This Location" (Indonesian traveling in the US) option, but my ad didn't appear to certain people of the audiences that I want.

    The ad was only seen by the Indonesian worker in that determined country.
    I think when we choose that "People Traveling in This Location" option, FB only filter Indonesian people who filled the Location form like this:

    Name: Budi
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Lived in: California, US.
    FB only filter people who fill the location where they live in their FB profile.

    I want my ad shown to people from certain country who are travelling to another certain country in this recent days.

    Could u please help me for this case?
    Thank u so much

  3. Batel Kater

    Hi there my question is with this method will I need to purchase the product? Or will the costumer get it directly from Ali Express store along with the steps you showed here to advertise the product?

  4. What A Gyrl Wants Adult Boutique

    I appreciate all this information but is it just me that notice that non of these digital marketing Guru's have a contact number to reach them, its always only an email even if you want to ask a question about their course before you join. With all this money coming in, why is there not a real person for anyone to speak to. Can someone please help me with this answer. I am not trying to be rude or to rain on anyone's parade but i need a mentor but i am scared of being scammed. Thank you

  5. Jun Huang

    Thank you Teo, so much information here. I ran an ads, cost about 90 dollars. I set PPE first and Yesterday I set Conversion. Now I got about 1.5K likes and 360 shares. But I only get 4 orders. 1, Do I need to turn off the PPE now? 2, I did try to turn it off and add more money to run conversion but even if I turn it off and deleted it, the delivery status is still Active and charging me money? 2, Can I still do free-just pay shipping post on facebook? Or it's banned now? Tks again.

  6. LunarNoire

    Comments disappearing. I like comments and there were 2 I was interested in, but seems like they've been deleted. Anyways, where are FB's policies located for ads and new page creation? I don't want to start a campaign and have it shutdown due to ads violating their TOS. It's boring reading those but I'm actually one of the ppl who do lol. Thanks for sharing with us Teo.

  7. Sherri Bisaillon

    What's up @teovanyo I made about 17 ads 7 for 1 campaign and 10 for the other one I have been have post engagement but no sales! They been coming to my website but it seems they are not buying could you email me at fitsfancyinthesun@gmail.com i coupon really use your help. I've tried to join the mastermind group but it says your website is not working to contact you!

  8. TheJashiro02

    Teo i watch all your videos and im thinking i wanna join your program. I know what to do to join your program, but i want you to answer my question first. I have a 450k fanpage mostly filled with fans from CentroAmerica. Can i make money selling these people stuff off my niche? Let me know Teo,