Hey everyone!

In this free course video, I go through how to run Facebook Ads in 2019.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that you should always use website purchase conversions apart from when you’re split testing PPE and collecting data on video view objectives.

I cover my secret testing method in-depth and how Campaign Budget Optimsation will take your store to the next level!

I also explain my optimisation strategies and how to determine when to kill an ad set using your breakeven ROAS.

Thanks for watching!

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18 Responses to “Facebook Ads Strategy for Dropshipping in 2019 | FREE COURSE”

  1. Sarah B

    Hi Chris, how are you? Sorry if the question is not related to your video but I was wondering what type of legal structure you advice for my store. I have just started to get 2/3 sales so I don’t know which legal status to choose. Looking forward for your response :). Sarah

  2. Páll Matthíasson

    Great content. Do you have timeframe on how long time it takes to collect data for VV and PPE ads based on budget? If you spend £50 would that take one day or more?
    Keep posting more – love it!

  3. KY Chan

    Hi Chris, thanks again for the great video! So during the PPE/VV, will you kill any ad set or do you have any limit on CPM for the PPE run? I have spent about $100 to run a VV WW and got about 3k 95% view, $150 on WC Pur without LLA but no luck on getting any sales. Now I'm trying on the LLA 95% view running second day with $5/daily adset yet has no sales too. Do you mind on helping me have a look on my website or ad set? Appreciate if you could help.

  4. Jack Beacom

    Hi, Great video, looking forward to trying this. You keep referring to your break roas (1.57) as when you know to turn off an ad, how did you calculate that?

  5. Qiiwee

    How many views do you need before jumping into 95% VV LLA? Do you split test you video ad on the first few days? Also do you kill the PPE and the VV campaign when you run the 95% VV LLA? Thanks

  6. Chef´s Choice

    Wicked man! Great content and information, keep these videos coming coz they are great mate! Im setting up my second store as we speak and i will start using your tips and insight! Thanks a billion buddy!

  7. Don Huan

    Hello Chris. I have a couple of questions:
    1) What is the role of PPE in this case? Just to get a bit of engagement on the post as people are more prone to interact with it?
    2) What do you do if you have a picture instead of a video (talking about the VV ad)
    3) In the section in which you create the 3 versions of the LLA, do you modify anything for 9 ones that you duplicated, or leave them exactly the same?
    Cheers for your time, really cool content.

  8. Alex Arron

    This had insane value and what type of store was this? Oh and I already messaged you about this but are you going to do consultation calls. I can be your first customer!