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This week, I meet with my student Shaun Doetzel to learn more about how he’s making $7000 a month since he joined my Facebook Ads Course. Shaun has been in The Academy for about 3 months now. He is a father, husband, works a full time job, and Started out doing Google AdWords and SEO for Local Businesses. Since Shaun has joined Facebook Ad Secrets Academy, his business has more than doubled and he’s projected to close $8500 in sales this month. Shaun is a great example of what someone can accomplish in this Course. If you want to quit your JOB and work from home or if you need more customers to buy your product or service, this training is your ticket to high profits and business success.

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  1. Eric Forner

    James. my FB keeps getting shut down. I don't spambut I did on my first facebook. and ever since then they shut me down. I pay for ads and all my ads get approved. how can I stop this? it is ruining my business and it isn't even off of the ground. can you please give me some advice? I tried looking up some contact info but can't seem to find any for them. please help if you have any idea.