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10 Responses to “Secrets Of Shopify Course Part 15 – Facebook Ads Overview”

  1. Nawed Wahedi

    HI Matt, love the video and the whole course. Im 15 and i am going to start paying monthly using your affiliate. When will the video on how to use facebook ads be released? Thank you so much

  2. Badr

    Hi, i like your videos, you're doing a great job there, i liked every single video in your channel, but i haven't set up my shupify store yet because i want to finish all of your course first. I want to know everything possible to avoid wasting monthly dollars too early. If you could do longer videos and explain a bit faster that would be great.
    Looking forward for your next videos, i won't miss the chance to register by your referal links in namecheap + shopify 😉