New Instagram Update – Watch this Instagram tutorial on how to use social media marketing and drive more traffic and sales to your website via your Instagram profile. Learn how to use your profile effectively using the best Instagram marketing & sales strategy.

Top News – Using your Instagram profile correctly will improve your chances of driving more traffic and sales to your website.

Do you want to get more Instagram likes and get more Instagram followers? Then watch this Instagram marketing strategy tips and tricks video…

In this video we discuss how to gain more Instagram followers and turn followers into customers by optimizing your Instagram profile:

Business or Personal account? Which one? Why not both! Business accounts give you access to analytics but Personal accounts grow faster.

Use your company name with keywords in profile name and name to rank higher on searches.

Always use a company/brand logo as your Profile picture.

Make your bio description clear, interesting and informative with emojis, links and call to actions.

Use links that direct to a sales page on your website.

Always post quality content.

Organize and structure content. Make it aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t spam your profile – don’t use borders or logos on posts.

Use User Generated Content (UGC) where applicable (always credit source).

Use correct Captions / Hashtags / Locations strategies to boost content and increase engagement (see previous videos for more info).

Utilize Instagram Stories effectively to promote profile and products/services. For example, sneak peeks, feedback polls, etc…

Use ‘call to action’ on posts and IG stories whenever possible to increase engagement and interest. For example, offer prizes, promos, and competitions to encourage people to engage (like and comment).

Use IG stories ‘swipe up’ facility to drive more traffic to your website.

Always interact with followers by liking comments or even better by replying to comments.

Like and comment on follower’s content, too. It makes them feel appreciated and they’ll more likely stay loyal to you.

Use Influencer Marketing – Get influencers in your niche to promote your brand. Followers will trust their judgment and will more likely do as they say.

If you want to get more Instagram followers and direct more traffic and sales to your website then watch this video for the Instagram best tips & tricks!

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  1. MR.Techroid

    Hey mate what is going on ? I am paying for powerlikes, powerlikes as you stated on your first video " it's likes from big following accounts, and you get them within thy hour, otherwise u lose your chances of going on the explore page ".. so tell me now. Why does it take 12hrs for me to literally get 500 likes that I am paying for monthly? If I'm not getting your powerlikes within the hour. They're nothing but normal likes. Because I am literally losing the chances of going viral..
    And yes I've contact support 4x. The first two response seem pretty reasonable.. but now it's gone too far.

  2. Richard Snyder

    That video was awesome!!! Also, if my math teacher taught like you, I know that my report card would have been decorated with A' subscriber, pls keep up the good work!

  3. Isabelle Black

    That video was awesome!!! Also, if my math teacher taught like you, I know that my report card would have been decorated with A' subscriber, pls keep up the good work!