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What’s the best social media strategy in 2018? Well, it hasn’t changed. The best “strategy” is and has always been GIVING VALUE. Everyone talks about it, Gary Vee could sing a very beautiful song about it, I’m sure.

Today we’ll dig into one of the chapters of my upcoming program called unemployed. I show exactly how you can give value on social media, especially Instagram and what’s the underlying principle behind it is.


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27 Responses to “Instagram Content Strategy 2018 – Here's how you actually GIVE VALUE on Social Media”

  1. Andy Glover

    I'm really liking your videos Dominik, I am just getting started with taking instagram seriously and your content has given me some great ideas to think about. Thank you for putting out this content, I can't wait to consume more of it.

  2. HotCuppaTV

    Dude I freaking love your videos thanks again for all the content strategy advice especially near the end when you said you need to judge it on real (long term) data not guess work this is something i mistake all the time. GG

  3. Jamie Sims

    very inspirational man. been watching your channel for some months man. keep it coming! also if your thinking about doing some critic vids again be cool for you to check my insta @jrs_photography16 for your honest opinion 👐😂

  4. Stabarts Watercolor & Ink

    This is for real. You’re doing exactly what I need here man. I am focusing so much on my content that I’m loosing the rest of what I need. You’re actually Telling me how to pay attention and to what. I’ve been uninterested in social media until one year ago when I decided to try to use my art to stop working in factories and become self employed by doing what I like. I tried Instagram for my art and its working. But I’m not social media savvy at all. But I have been an entertainer. This type of guidance is so very much appreciated. Case in point right here: I don’t think my comment here will let you know that I am @ stabarts on Instagram without me saying so. Now I got to find out how to change my YouTube account name or whatever. See? I have so many years of not caring about social media to make up for now. 😁