Enough is enough.

I’m launching a Facebook Advertising course right here on my YouTube channel.

This program, called the FB Ad Agency Accelerator, will take you from complete beginner to top 1% FB marketer over the next 90 days.

And I’m releasing it for free right here on my channel…1 video per day.

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  1. Raja Vamsi

    Thanks bro, I am searching the information of ads for long time having 0$ in my pocket. Now I enrolled in the course. I hope I do get a lot of value in it.thanks once again.

  2. RI / backup acc Backup Account

    3 top questions
    What books do you recommend to read about smm ppc advertisements etc
    Ppl who don't have experience where is the best place to get some especially since there's no smm that will hire me that has no skills?
    How big can smm get and best way to show roi to clients

  3. Whole and Healthy Kitchen

    Thank you for what you are doing. I appreciate your work and am looking forward to your videos. Question: How do I put my "perfect customer" into words for the FB ads? I am finding I know who my perfect customer is on an deep level. I know what they want, what they like, who they are….but they don't slot those "words" or "likes" into Facebook, as Facebook is not where they do their research. And so, I am not sure how Facebook can find them for me. Example: "busy moms" is a BIG part of my perfect customer, but I cannot choose that when putting out an AD. I hope what I am saying makes sense lol. Thanks!

  4. x x

    I know it says complete beginner, but would you suggest doing the WordStream PPC course prior to taking yours? Or should I dive right into yours?

  5. atif zaman

    you know what? i was just about to buy that 997$ course (by…. you know the name 😉). and suddenly found you and its just a womderful surprise i can ever have. all i wanna say is THANK YOU!!! yesss you'r the Man!! love u bro❤️

  6. Wuzi Maru

    I would like to know:
    How many clients is it possible to manage your own?
    How to keep a client once you closed them.
    What are the most common beginner mistakes?

  7. test

    Hey Jordan, when will the full content to the FB Agency Accelerator be uploaded to the member's area? I seem to recall that you offered the 90 day drip feed via YouTube or people could get access to the full course. I'm inside but can only see the three videos under Module 1. Keen to get going with this 🙂

  8. B D

    One question that I want to ask is what kind of rights do you ask from your clients facebook page. Is is Admin or just Advertiser right?

  9. Nathan Lake

    1. I've had successful ads for clicks and views up to 33% – I just can't paint a good enough picture to get people to buy. What are some strategies once they hit the landing page to keep them interested?
    2. Good reach/impressions numbers but low clicks is good for what?
    3. You mentioned paid traffic marketing – please define that in great detail. Not just buying email lists.
    BTW, YouTube is saying I am agreeing to create a "channel" in order to comment. I don't want a "channel" – this is the work of my hands not theirs. I don't agree with their Terms of Service. (See if that holds up in a court of law)

  10. paulseldn

    Hey Jordan. Great to have you back dude. This course you're offering has come just at the right time for me. Thank you sooo much. my question is: how do we really get to know our target market like really well?

  11. William Boston

    You're the G.O.A.T!!!! Super excited about this series man


    1. How to outsource/screen/interview
    2. Basic breakdowns of angles/funnels that work in each major vertical
    3. How to predict profitability of ad campaigns for a given prospective client

    Thanks for the value!

  12. IJ Balot

    Stay awesome and genuine, Jordan. Your investment into your community will pay off in the future. I'm sure you'll answer my answer my questions in the course, so no need for me to ask. 🙂

  13. Robert Harris

    I won't name names but can't help but think of a certain marketer who sells FB ads training when you say about other courses!
    I used to have a franchise where I would clean ovens. I would run ads on FB, offer £5 off their first clean with us (which worked out at about 10% for the average job), get their contact details and then follow up with them to get the booking. I've been wanting to use what I learnt to help other local businesses grow but not sure about contacting local businesses. How would you do it?
    And I think the way I used to do the ad itself would work best with appointment based businesses that could be done on a whim, like having your oven cleaned, getting a hair cut, having a massage or pedicure or something. Those sorts of things can just be decided at random. But what about things like accountants or electricians or plumbers where they're only called in when they're needed? Like you wouldn't go "Oh, I fancy getting a plumber in today!", you'd need a reason to call them in, but you could say "I think I'll get a haircut." and just do it.
    I hope that makes sense!

  14. Brandon N

    Thank You. My question is that I always felt like I need to build a website and a store of my own so that I can practice fb ads. Do you think that something that we really should do?

  15. Kurtis Grant

    Could you go through the specific process of how you gain control of a new client’s ad account? Including how you instruct the client on handing over those permissions to you in the ads manager

  16. Luke Maurer

    Yooo, id love for you to make a video about how to make a contract to close deals with Facebook ad agency clients. I don’t k ow what to take to my first potential client and if you helped out with that…that’d be dope. Thanks man