Don’t have the time to properly grow your Instagram (using all of the strategies I usually talk here about)? Today I’ll show a simple, but still noteworthy strategy to actually be able to grow your Instagram with only 15 minutes per day, or 1 hour 45 minutes per week.

Oh, if you want to eliminate number 3 (getting your content seen for the actual growth), hit me up – I might be able to help with that!


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37 Responses to “grow your Instagram with only 15 minutes per day [STRATEGY]”

  1. KG The Maker

    Great vid! All about time management; you can definitely carve out that time. Hard part is actually getting good pictures that fast. I need to get better with getting vids on my channel.

  2. senoralvez

    I love your content, bro! Mainly the intro. I really didnt expect that haha.

    Can I use those strategys to grow my instagram even for brazilian people? You know, speaking in portuguese, not in English

  3. Harry Georgiou

    I bet you cannot make me grow to 1,000 followers @theharrygeo 🙂 @heydominik could you help me with your advice and somehow make my profile a case study for a series of your videos? For example, how you grew my page to 1000, 5000 followers. Think about it. Nice jacket btw, and I watched your videos from the very beginning

  4. Roman Levitskiy

    Hey dominik I love your content for the information and for the laughs ! Your hilarious man always makes my day better and your genuinely being you ! Feel free to review my account id appriciate it ! Insta: roman_levitskiy