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Are five dollar Facebook advertising campaigns for rookies only? Absolutely not! Beginners and advanced advertisers alike can leverage the five dollar Facebook ad to increase ROI fast.

Learn exact steps to run these types of Facebook advertising campaigns in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9JfWuZJ5-M

One of the most common questions I receive in my Facebook videos is “How much money do I need to get started advertising on Facebook?”

More advanced marketers are always asking “how do I scale my Facebook ad campaigns?”

When used correctly, the five dollar Facebook ad campaign can accomplish both goals!

For beginners or internet marketers with tight budgets, it is obvious… A five dollar per day ad campaign is going to get you exposure on the Facebook ad platform while minimizing the investment required.

Most people don’t realize that advanced advertisers are able to leverage these same five dollar Facebook ad campaigns to quickly and effectively test new audiences and interests while minimizing risk.

To go deeper into the ‘how to’ I have put together a video where I setup a new Facebook retargeting advertising campaign and duplicate out the ad set in the exact way you would to make this $5/day FB advertising method a reality.

Watch that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DluuQ952900

Then, once the ads are running, you need to be sure you are analyzing the Facebook ad data correctly. To help you with this, I have created 3 videos where we follow the campaign I set up above in the retargeting video and you see how I analyze and adjust the ad set budgets.

How To Analyze Facebook Ad Data Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcAE1CX-09Q

How To Analyze Facebook Ad Data Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp5CMGO64dM

How To Analyze Facebook Ad Data Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhsjV0zdDw4

This stuff really works as you can see from the above video series where I implemented this Facebook advertising strategy and document the process in the FB ads manager to show the results.

If you are wondering why this advertising strategy works, the best analogy I can come up with is that of roulette.

Player a walks up to the roulette table with 20 $5 chips and places them all on number 18…. The odds are stacked against this player and ultimately they lose their $100 quickly with nothing to show for it.

Player B walks up to a roulette table with 20 $5 chips as well…But takes a different approach.

On the first spin Player B places 20 $5 chips on 20 different numbers…. And hits one! This recoups Player B’s Initial investment allowing that player to continue playing, again spreading out the bets.

The best part about Facebook advertising compared to roulette is that once you find something that works, you can double your bet on that and continue to spread your additional bets out on new, untested interests and audiences.

Slowly but surely you are able to create a number of different productive ad sets through testing that you are able to increase your budget and continue running for weeks, months, years on end!

Is important to keep in mind what a statistically significant test is.

You must have enough clicks, leads, sales in your funnel in order to make decisions that are truly based on the data.

If you’re basing decisions on 25 clicks or the results from 10 subscribers… There is no statistical significance backing that decision.

If you’re basing your decisions on 1000 clicks and 400 subscribers, the data is going to support making a correct decision because of the law of large numbers.

Your conversion rates are going to fluctuate much more with smaller numbers than they will with larger numbers.

This is why it is important when running five dollar Facebook ads to allow these ads to run long enough to obtain the data that you need to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Patience is your friend and ultimately you will get more statistically significant data spending $50 over the course of 10 days then you will from spending $50 in one day.

I show how to setup your conversion based campaigns in this way in the “How To Run Retargeting Ads On Facebook” video, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DluuQ952900

In this video I mentioned two other videos That can help you advance your Facebook advertising game quickly!

First is the “know your numbers” video where you learn how to figure out your key performance indicators or KPIs.


Second is the “How to spy on your competitors ads on Facebook” Video to help you write compelling Facebook ad copy


Finally, if you want help putting together your first Facebook advertising campaign, this video walks you through the entire process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYY6zn3c8Xk


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43 Responses to “$5 Facebook Ads – Beginner & Advanced FB Advertising Strategy Using $5 Ad Sets, Revealed!”

  1. qasimramay

    Dear its a good piece of information. If you could use the white board, things could get more clear then… This little action of using white board will increase the effectiveness of your video as you have done in one of your video that was may in your home and the topic was SALES FUNNEL.

  2. Universe88productions

    Funny thing is my names Miles, this vid went out on my bday, and I literally explained Fbook ads to someone yesterday using a roulette metaphor, the only difference is my message was totally negative whereas this bro & his metaphor is the complete opposite, much respect appreciate the advice mate.

  3. Shirvinna Best

    Hey Miles. I have a Facebook ad campaign based on your $5 process. It's been 5 days my relevancy score is 10 but the cost is £1-3 per lead. I had 30 ad sets (1 per interest) but turned the high leads were £4-10 for many so I have turned many off. How do I get the cost per lead down? Thanks

  4. Humble B's

    If your testing a product are you starting with a conversion or traffic? Because a pixel requires viewed content, initiate purch… ect… So if you have a pixel with no data. Which do you use?

  5. Z Du

    Hey Miles another great video! Now based on the video my question is 1) when you say "cost per lead", in your case did you mean the cost for a person to click the link or land your page? 2) If we can't find a good benchmarks for CPC for certain industries, for example photobooth, where do you recommend to get the benchmarks? From previous campaigns and see if we can improve from there? Again, awesome video! Please keep this up!

  6. Animation Blaster

    I have a question.i understand that we should run ad for $5 for 10 days.But after 10 days what should i do ?we should scale the ad ur kill this ?what number will be required for Run or kill ?

  7. Bart van Dam

    Hi Miles, is it possible to track conversions in Facebook without a Thank you page? If so, perhaps an interesting video to show us.. I was not able to do so yet with GTM

  8. Steven Spielman

    I just watched your video about split testing at the ad level and you said to always run a split test, but in this video you recommend not running a split test with $5 dollars ad sets, so should I or should I not run a split test with a $5 ad set. I’m assuming no, but if you could provide some clarity as to why I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  9. Jenny Black

    Hi Miles, thanks for the great video. I've created over 15 ad sets with $5 budget each, and all of them have sales in first 3-4 days and no convert after that, I've wait for a week, still no sales, do you have any idea pls? I've turned them off because of the big loss, and I'm repeating the process, created new one and turned it off after. Thank you.

  10. christina rodriguez

    Anyone who is able to answer this Thank you in advance!
    So I’m going to summarize one of the overarching themes of the video – could anyone tell me if the following conveys Miles’ thoughts appropriately.
    “It will take at least 3 days and 1000 clicks to ensure whether the data retrieved through a successful campaign will be reliable and useful for structuring future campaign methods.”
    Is that right or am I misunderstanding something?

  11. Tom Caldwell

    Thank you so much. I appreciate that you have the balls to tell marketers to start with a $5 per day budget. Many teachers never tell us what amount to start with.

  12. Mohamed Ashiq

    Hey Miles,

    I am running an FB ad. Potential Reach is 340,000 people. But Daily Reach comes to only 370-1000, which looks very small compared to Potential Reach.

    How to analyse further? Are there any other parameters to be checked?

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


  13. Mohamed Ashiq


    Thanks for the video. It is really informative.

    I ran a tshirt FB ad[PPE] for a particular niche in US for 3 days[USD 5/day] and got the following results.

    • Likes -160
    • Shares – 23
    • Post comments – 1
    • Cost per engagement – USD 0.08
    • Relevance score – 8
    • Sales – 0
    Should I continue the ad[probably with WC]?

    Please let me know.