Want to improve your Instagram marketing? Want to grow your Instagram followers in 2018?

In this tutorial, you’ll learn 6 Instagram marketing tips & strategies on how to grow on Instagram and get more organic Instagram followers in 2018.

Chris Kubby, Gavin Bell and myself have used the Instagram marketing strategy and tactics to organically grow our Instagram accounts over the past year.


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42 Responses to “INSTAGRAM MARKETING TIPS 2018 : 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies”

  1. TheBlack Enterprise

    That is a superb informative video. We also have a few of our personal videos that people have done, and are starting out on attempting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are searching for new ideas and hope that individuals are able to give this kind of genuine advice. In the event that you got sometime, take a look at ours and inform us everything you think.

  2. Blue Tie SEO

    I agree that growing your following organically is the way to go with Instagram. My Instagram out performs my FB 2 to 1. Ever since I saw that in my Google Analytics I was hooked!

  3. Asa

    Ohh I like this! I use Plann app to grow my account, freakn love it! They give your "personal best time to post" (+ competitors best time to post) & points out "what hashtags to use" for extra likes!! I grew my account rather quick, I'll try your tips too 🙂

  4. Elena Hassan

    Hey Paul! New to this whole social media marketing thing, but I have a desire to make it work. Thanks for the advice and for the great secret tip at the end! Eeeeek! That is exciting and one of the most intimidating parts for me…
    Here's hoping that I can rock this!
    P.S. Love the idea of a collab with you and the other guys! Great work to you all. 🙂
    @JC_CRTFMLY09 @dreamcometruepr