Quick start guide to creating your Instagram marketing plan. Get started with Instagram marketing in 5 simple steps and start attracting more followers and likes.

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Table of Contents:
0:35 – Key To Success #1
1:13 – Key To Success #2
2:01 – Key To Success #3
2:42 – Step 1) WHO?
4:31 – Step 2) WHAT?
6:22 – Step 3) Consistency
7:09 – Step 4) Content Calendar
8:06 – Step 5) Batch

Instagram Content Marketing Plan For Small Accounts: 5 Strategies For More Likes & Followers

Instagram Post Plan – How to Create the Best Photos for Instagram and Get Likes – content marketing instagram

Are you looking for ideas on what to post to your Instagram account to get more likes and followers? In this Instagram Marketing Tutorial video your going to discover the 3 secrets behind crafting the perfect Instagram marketing content plan and 5 steps to implement your Instagram content plan for more likes and followers.

My first tip in having a content marketing strategy to you Instagram account is to promote 1 out of 10 posts. People aren’t going to follow you if all you do is hawk whatever your selling. You have to give value to your instagram followers before your ask for it. Instagram knows when you have fake followers and likes. And as I’ve proved in previous videos, fake likes and followers won’t help you grow. You might want to check my experience in buying fake instagram likes and followers. Also, to not run out of ideas in posting for your instagram account, you should build a swipe file of the posts that you see around that is getting a lot of likes and engagement.

Don’t know what to write in your Instagram bio information? In this video of content marketing instagram, I’ll show you how. You can make it short and sweet. I talk about it more on this Instagram Posts hacks. Another thing is that your IG content plan should be centered around getting people to click that link. I recommend using a link shortener like bitly or a premium one like Pretty link so that the url looks nice.

Remember why people come on Instagram in the first place. People come to the Instagram to see beautiful photos and get inspired. No matter what niche your in, your content should foil these needs.

You must choose a posting schedule and stick to it! If your serious about Instagram long term, that means every day. Even if that means doing some stories on one day and posts on the other, keep engaged on the platform every day if you want to make it big someday.

Also, you should post on Instagram at the right time. If your post gets a lot of likes and comments shortly after it’s posted, this signals to Instagram that your Instagram post is quality content, and the algorithm will then show your post to even more of your followers!

Now that you got to know what you need to do through this content marketing instagram tutorial, start making some posts! You can get more Instagram likes and followers if you follow these IG hacks I’ve shown you.
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  1. Monica Garcia

    Hello, I have created an account and logged in the aspire notebook, but I cant find the calendar template. Please tell me where to find it. Thanks.

    Your video was very useful and i'm excited to explore all the notes in the aspire notebook. thank you so much!


    is there any value to a SMB only using Instagram once a week on the most engaged day that followers use it? Or is it a shoot for the top approach that should be taken? For a local SMB that will gain nothing from 1 million followers, this is my quandary.