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In this video I am going to show you how to run Facebook Ads In 2018 and how to go from Facebook Ads Beginner To EXPERT In One Tutorial!

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I carefully prepared this tutorial as a go to guide on how to really do it.
this is also facebook ads in 2018 | from facebook ads beginner to expert in one video!

It is very straight forward and easy to do you just gotta follow the steps!

This in-depth complete FaceBook Ads Tutorial will help you feel confident that your ad dollars will return PROFITS and a REAL ROI FAST.

We focus on facebook retargeting and the facebook pixel to build lookalike audiences. He is about to drive the growth of your electrical business with his Facebook Ads Tutorial.

Facebook advertising is a big and growing business: companies spent more than $9 billion on Facebook ads in the second quarter of 2017 alone.

That being said I hope you like the video and see you in the next one.


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26 Responses to “Facebook Ads In 2018 – From Facebook Ads Beginner To EXPERT In One Tutorial!”

  1. crispus muriithi

    Please quit giving advise on doing facebook ads .. you suck at it .. Honestly, you added no value in all of this. For example, how can you say that you should split test based on the ad's picture? You should split test based on strong variables such as placements, age, gender and all of that. If the FB tutorial is this crappy, then the course must be crappier. Please bring this video down, it's misleading to say the least.

  2. TheBlack Enterprise

    That is a good informative video. We also provide some of our personal videos that people have inked, and are getting started on wanting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are looking for new ideas and hope that people can give this kind of genuine advice. If you got a while, take a peek at ours and inform us that which you think.

  3. S. Anderson

    They put new scrutiny in place to approve ads and now my service is caught in the crossfire. My ad got rejected twice because I'm in a legal/financial service industry helping entrepreneurs establish legal business entities. But FB keeps having my accept a compliance verification that my ad doesn't discriminate regarding housing, employment, or credit and then they keep talking about MLMs, income opportunities, and get rich quick. We don't do any of these things and we have changed our language on the ad to make sure that we don't trigger anything but we haven't been able to crack the code. Are you aware of this ad change? What should we do (aside from doing a video ad)?

  4. Décio Alexandre

    Hi Michael, Just came by this video. Great material.
    One question, you mentioned you have many landing pages and you place the same pixel on all of them and create different audiences for each.
    But do facebook tie the audience to the site they visit? Because If you have the same pixel won't Facebook mix Everton e together and mess your audiences?

  5. BlkJ19

    Here is the beef I have with facebook. I should be able to tell facebook, the gender I want to target, the age demo, and location. This you need to get people to visit your site in order for facebook to send you traffic is laughable.

  6. Chris Birch

    With Facebooks privacy policy issues I think that greatly effects the future of Facebook ads. If you've seen the recent Facebook commercial they're going back to what Facebook originally was. Connecting with friends. I don't see any ads in my feed anymore.