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Hey everyone! In this free course video, I cover everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising in 2019.

** One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that you should always use website conversions PURCHASE optimization, aside from when you’re split testing with worldwide PPE (even with a new pixel.) Only try higher funnel optimization techniques (i.e. ATC, VC…) when you’re more experienced **

I start by covering the basics – setting up your pixel and page, setting up your column set in ads manager, and a basic overview of how Facebook Ads works.

Then, I talk about different strategies you can use to research your audience and find interests to target, including the audience insights tool. I also explain how flex targeting works and why it’s useful.

Next, I cover how I split test my creatives using worldwide PPE to find the winning creative and to get social proof/data. I explain how lookalike audiences work and why I like to test a 95% video viewers lookalike audience right off the bat.

Afterward, I go into the testing phase in-depth, explaining how I set up my targeting for testing, what budget you should use, recommended bid-to-budget ratio, using the breakdown tool to find potential winning ad sets and much more. I also explain my optimization strategies and how to determine when to kill an ad set using your breakeven ROAS.

I also show you how to set up a retargeting funnel using FB ads and give a few more tips to optimize performance and delivery.

Lastly, I explain how to scale aggressively using more LAAs and manual bidding. I also explain the concept of ad fatigue and why it’s important that you regularly produce new video content for your products.

I spent a lot of time making this free course so if the video helped you in any way, please make sure to like & subscribe! I will make sure to keep dropping valuable videos like this one in the future.

Thanks for watching!

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34 Responses to “Facebook Ads for Dropshipping in 2019 | MASTER FB Ads in 30 Minutes!”

  1. Bryan Ocampo

    When targeting e-packet countries for audience research won't filtering by "English as native language" drastically decrease your reach of that same pool of countries?

  2. ryknwl305

    Dude love the video. Still a little confused on the makeup industry and if it isn't a drop shipped item. Do you have more videos for this type of thing?

  3. Auberjen

    This is brilliant, thank you Gabriel, so detailed and informative, taken masses of notes. It's a big process doing it properly, but you have given us pretty much everything we need to know. Many thanks indeed to you.

  4. martino perletti

    Great video! One thing: when you are creating the Post engagement campaign to gather data and you say 3 ads per ad set you mean creating three different ads posts (two different images and a video for example) and run them separately to see which format works best? Or should I just use the same image/video and just run it 3 times? Sorry if the question sounds stupid but I’m new to this. Thanks a lot!

  5. Nick Ben

    Gabriel is without a doubt the most helpful and informative content creator on the platform. It seems like he does not hide anything from his audience because he wants everyone to succeed like him. My respect goes out to you Gabriel

  6. Nicolas Körner

    So in general you value video ads > img ads? In the example of dropshipping, would you basically recommend buying your golden product once and rather go for video ads? Thanks in Advance Gabriel, super insightful videos.

  7. jeff mci

    In addition..can you recommend a book that would be great for learning all about the FB Marketing?..i'm particularly looking for something that explains the metrics on the reports page

  8. jeff mci

    hmm…so if a $5 budget yields approx a 4-5 day waiting period..would it be fair for me to say that a $10-$20 budget on ad-spend will yield about 1-2days to get data?