If you want to grow your account and get more followers, then it’s helpful to know how the Instagram algorithm actually works! In this video, I explain exactly how the algorithm works so that you can overcome the struggle and finally start growing your account quickly.

In case you’re wondering where this info came from: I run a digital media marketing agency (www.aptuscreativemarketing.com) and my team is constantly testing different strategies to backwards engineer the algorithm and get our clients the BEST results we possibly can.

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36 Responses to “EXPOSING How the Instagram Algorithm Actually Works”


    Woww!!Thank You So Much for letting us know the working of Instagram Algorithm, this cleared all my doubts about the Instagram Algorithm!Thank You!😊

  2. justSTUMBLEDupon

    I watched this video 3 times so far. Going to be applying allot of what you talk about with the Gram and other ideas in the next few months. I'm hoping I can lean a thing or too

    If anyone here trying to learn too, I highly advise listening a couple of times, take notes, and watch it again πŸ˜‚ I also download it too cause I got Premium

  3. Aniko G

    These things are not fully true anymore, instagram has changed the algorithm a few months ago. They shadow-ban people, and in my experience they shadow-ban accounts that were kind of popular engagement-wise in the old algorithm. The engagement rates of these accounts have been forcefully dropped significantly. This way trying to force accounts to pay for marketing / promotion. The things you're talking about don't work in such a straightforward way anymore. The algorithm is not transparent. It is hidden from the public and they play up with it. It's a sneaky evil thing, where the rich will get more views via promotion, and the poor will be pushed down and hidden in the feed. Regardless of hashtags or quality of content. Instagram used to be more fair, but since they changed the algorithm, they only seem to support the rich, which will force the freethinker public to move over to alternative, open-source sites, like Minds, Steemit, etc…

  4. Richie Adams

    So pretty much Instagram treats us like we are on a school playground.

    "Here is the new kid, dont talk to him"
    "New kid has a few friends now"
    "Oh new kid has a party on Friday, maybe I should show up aka follow)

    While the new kid is being controlled by the strings being pulled by IG

  5. ST Productions

    I had 700 followers. I wrote down all the names of the people who liked my last 9 posts and it only came to 250 so I deleted everyone else. So now the algorithm should put me at the top of the feed because I'm getting like 200 likes with only 250 followers ????