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In this video, ill take you through step by step on how to master facebook advertisements for your facebook fanpage and how you can start to generating sales!

Resources To Help With FaceBook Ads:

https://www.canva.com ( Image Website )
https://slide.ly/promo ( Get Amazing Viral Videos For Your Ads)

Want to learn how to make your own ecommerce website with wordpress and start using facebook ads to make money?

WATCH THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKBSrdKWb4Y&t=588s


If you are using wordpress and want to install the facebook pixel on to your wordpress website, you can watch the full tutorial here:

Its 2018! Facebook ads for business are very common now and most people are marketing on facebook. If your business is not on facebook yet, you are missing out on thousands of potential sales for your business. Watch this video and by the end of this hour, you will have your very own facebook fanpage generating money for you and your business!

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31 Responses to “Complete FaceBook Ads Tutorial 2019 – MASTER FaceBook Ads in 1 Hour!”

  1. Ashifur Rahman

    Awesome Darell. Really helpful for my business. I have used the technique and see the instant result. Right now i am become professional facebookAds service provider. This is my profile: https://bit.ly/2N2tgnW
    Anyone need further help do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for the useful video.

  2. Tatsuki Kanaya

    Thank you very much for your channel. I have bought the Siteground hosting after watching your video, and I really appreciate your videos and tutorials.

    I am trying to run the ads on facebook and my 3 ads are approved, but I don't think they are running correctly. They are active but no page views and nobody is coming to my website as well as the facebook page. I would appreciate if you can teach me why this is happening..

  3. Twonpet Lifestyle

    the information in this video is like 85% good but facebooks internal layout for how the show there data is different so him changing the title to 2019 when this was made way back in july of 2018 is miss leading and a waste of time to watch this

  4. Kate Nolan

    If you're a beginner I would recommend you to target competitor's audience on Facebook with the help of LeadEnforce.com. The thing is that competitors' customers have already shown the interest in a similar product. It means your Facebook ads will work more effectively 👌

  5. mehroze g

    Hello Darrell amazing video
    I tried adding pages which facebook insight is showing me but they are not coming in search.while if i look for international brands i can add them.i am targeting my local market what sould i do

  6. Chief Cleaning

    Bro you did a phenomenal job especially for those who know already how to do this. It added so much value for our business. One thing I'm having an issue with is how to convert for my construction cleaning and janitorial business. Any tips or other videos would help just stumbled upon your page through Google search! Thanks a billion!!!

  7. Victory Gymnastics

    Hey Darrel, a newbie here. Great content, I am so excited to start applying it for real. I have a question though, not sure if it is possible or even ethical, but here it is. Is there anyway to target people who have commented under certain videos? Like, can you cherry pick those people who have expressed interest in a subject, make up a list with their names and target them? Please, excuse me if my question is irrelevant!