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Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business in 2018 [KEYNOTE at Digitalium2018 in Bucharest, Romania] In this presentation, I explain how to market your business on Facebook. Thank you for watching. Enjoy!

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Antoine is a recognized expert and strategist in digital marketing. He’s an award-winning marketing agency owner and a speaker at national & international conferences. He combines 18 years in marketing and 15 years in the hospitality industry. His first job out of college was working for Gordon Ramsey in London at Le Gavroche.

Antoine travels the world sharing his strategy and methodology to marketers and business owners. His goal is to improve lead generation and business growth via his proven marketing strategies. As a result, he is an in-demand consultant on discovering the strategies that work.

His past clients include Office Depot, Unilever, The Sports Authority, Habitat for Humanity. Recent appearances include presentations at INBOUND18, PRINT18, MPI WEC 2018 & Digitalium 2018 (Romania) and many others.


Here are some of the best strategies for using Instagram influencer marketing for your Amazon FBA, Shopify Dropshipping, and ecommerce business. Social media expert Noah Gelerman has 30 million Instagram followers and covers his best tips for growing your own Instagram account and growing your business online. This is not an interview you want to miss. Subscribe to Noah below!

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In this video, Ron Wilder, an alumni of Kim’s Inner Circle Facebook Coaching program tells us about is experience.

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Email marketing is one of the best sources of FREE traffic for your store. This video is the perfect introduction to email marketing for beginners. Whether you’re marketing with MailChimp or another platform, watch this video learn:

What is email marketing
Why an email marketing campaign is better than Faceook
The 3 essential campaigns you need to get leads
Email marketing strategies that work in 2019

By the end, you’ll know how to do email marketing like a pro. Use these email best practices to drive sales for your Shopify store and get your dropshipping business off the ground.

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How To Use Instagram For Network Marketing
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See so many times you probably see instagram marketing advice that tells you to post ads or to talk about your company.

However this just pushes people away from what you’re looking to accomplish.

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Christmas Holiday Marketing Ideas With Tips Twitter Strategies with Business Coach Nathaneal Mohr at

Holiday Marketing Ideas, Tips, Strategies with Twitter

A lot of small business owners think that you have to have a huge list to be success at getting new customers this holiday session using twitter. The truth is using a list on twitter to get more business is just one tip, idea or strategy you can use when marketing during the holidays with twitter.

In this article I am going to go into the exact ideas and strategies that you need to understand how you can use twitter to attract more clients during this holiday session. These tips work even if you have never used twitter your entire life or don’t have a list of potential customers following you at all.

Before we get into the exact tips of the small business marketing strategies we have to think about what your customers probably use twitter for. Well the probably use twitter to share their ideas and ask questions of their friends, or acquaintances.

The second idea to understand is that everything, anyone says on twitter during the holidays like Christmas or any other time can be simply monitored or observed by searching for the topics in one of the twitter search engine.

What this means to you is… that as long as you know what someone on twitter would be talking about to make them your ideal customer; then you can find those conversations in real time and offer your retail establishment as a potential choice.

Here are your action steps to holiday marketing with twitter monitoring.

Holiday Marketing Idea Number 1: Choose a Twitter Search Engine

There are a couple of them out there now. You can simply do a Google search for term “twitter search” and find a couple great solutions. Google has a custom search option that searches twitter now but the Google’s custom twitter search has advertising on it that I find distracting.

Holiday Marketing Tips Number 2: How to Identify your Potential Customers

Once you found a twitter search engine you like. List out all potential key elements someone on twitter could be talking about that would qualify them as a potential customer for your business.

These could be words like “Christmas shopping” “your competitors business name” “Black Friday” or “the kind of products or services you sell”

Remember if you have a brick and mortar business to include the area that the business is located as one of your key terms. After you list out your terms just put your search terms in the twitter search engine.

Holiday Marketing Ideas Number 3

Now keep your eyes open for conversations taking place that qualify certain people on twitter as ideal customers for your place of business.

Once you spot someone or multiple people talking about doing their holiday shopping your next step is to join into the conversation they are already having by being helpful and friendly.

Holiday Marketing Idea Number 4

This is how to approach the conversation:

Imagine you are at a party and someone is talking about shopping this holiday session. Would you walk up to those two strangers and just pitch your store? Probably not, you might just walk up and ask them something like… “who you shopping for today” “how are you choosing where you should shop today” questions that politely invite you to join the conversation. Then you might offer some general advice that is just in their best interest.

Holiday Marketing Tip Number 5

Once you have the conversation going and you understand a little more about what they are looking for you can talk about coming to your store in a way that serves the needs they expressed in the conversation you had with them.

When you follow this holiday twitter marketing process using the @ reply response instead of the direct message option your potential customers entire twitter list will see this conversation. What this does is turns your one on one conversational assistance into a one to many marketing tool. So as long as your polite, helpful and have your potential customers best interest at heart your brand will be seen by many people is a positive light; even if the person you’re having the conversation with doesn’t end up coming to your store.

Something I have noticed is that the customers that come through the door from this process are more likely to spend more. Those same customers are also more likely to refer their friends and family to you because they are actually building a relationship with your brand prior to shopping at your store.