#025 WordPress Tutorial – Adding a Call Now Button Plugin in WordPress

WordPress Tutorial – Adding a WordPress Call Now Button Plugin

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Why Use WordPress?
Domain Names and Hosting
Planning Your WordPress Website
Cleaning Up Your Installation
Customizing WordPress
Fake Latin Content
Creating New WordPress Pages
Specifying the WordPress Home Page
WordPress Tutorial – WordPress Menus
Free Pictures and Videos
Uploading Images to WordPress
Inserting Images
Understanding WordPress Blocks
WordPress Picture Gallery Page
Adding a Cover Image
Inserting Headings
What are WordPress Plugins?
Installing a WordPress Backup Plugin
Installing a Contact Form Plugin
Disabling Comments Using a Plugin
Using an Image Optimizer Plugin
WordPress HTML Sitemap Plugin
Installing an XLM Sitemap Plugin
Adding a Call Now Button
Adding a WordPress Ratings Plugin
Caching and Loading Speed
Installing a Social Media Share Plugin
Installing a Slider Plugin
Linking Between Pages
Embedding a Google Map
Embedding a YouTube Video
Downloadable Documents
Installing a New Theme
Site Title and Tagline
WordPress Widgets
Creating Blog Posts
Creating a Blog Page
Creating a Blog Category
The Button Block
The Column Block
The Tables Block
Updating WordPress
HTML Titles and Descriptions
WordPress and Mobile Phones
Turn Google Indexing Back On
Premium WordPress Themes


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